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By Vicki Brown   I have a horror of being a hostess. If you have read my column lately, you know why. But the worst is yet to come, and that is the Saga for today. It’s a moment that will … more
By Vicki Brown   I’ve said it before. I am the Queen of Disasters. It happens every single time I invite people over for dinner. It never fails. I think it’s because I judged someone … more
WHAT IN THE WORLD? If you can clear your thinking of our politics and government intrusions, consider looking at the world we live in. You need to understand we now face the threat of four … more

By Vicki Brown   I am a perfectionist. It’s a curse. I always want everything to be perfect, so as you can imagine, I am frequently disappointed. When I know that people are coming into … more
By Vicki Brown   I recently read an article stating that Myrtle Beach was one of the most dangerous beaches in the nation. Its nickname is “Murder Beach”! I was absolutely shocked…and … more
By Vicki Brown   Recently I attended a children’s camp and met a very “interesting” child. He told me about a recent or-deal in his life, and when he finished, I couldn’t decide if the … more
By Vicki Brown   Well, I’m back...just like one of those annoying relatives who won’t stop calling. After taking a nasty fall, which I did survive…sort of, I am back to regale you with … more

AMERICAN VALUES AND FUTURE ARE UNDER ATTACK  I find it very interesting that every time a new major story about Hunter Biden hits the news wire, a new accusation or possible action against Trump … more
By Vicki Brown   My husband and I went to the beach for the afternoon to enjoy the cool breeze, beautiful waves, and crazy people. Now, most people aren’t crazy who go to the beach, just … more
"The common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of (political) party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it. It serves always to distract … more
By Vicki Brown   Whether you are starting a new job, or going to work for the very first time, plan on making mistakes and feeling stupid. When I was 15, I lied about my age so I could get … more

By Vicki Brown   I HATE coming home after vacation. I am usually tired, fed up with riding in a car for hours, and dreading having to unpack. Then there’s the unpacking. A mountain of … more
CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY IT IS OUR NATIONS BIRTHDAY Congress voted to declare our independence on July 2nd and it was announced two days later on July 4th . What the July 4th holiday … more
By Vicki Brown   Every family has an interesting character, and ours was Granny Freeman. When I knew her, she was already aged and white haired, but she was funny, warm hearted and … more
Biden Disrespects our Flag As the picture above illustrates, President broke traditional flag protocol by placing the pride flag in center of two American flags. In addition, the American flag … more

By Vicki Brown   When we were first married, we lived in a VERY small town. There was one stop sign, one store that sold snacks and bait, and a volunteer fire station. When the fire siren … more
By Vicki Brown   Usually, Memorial Day is special for my family and acknowledged by attending a memorial service, honoring those who gave their lives for our freedom, and remembering my … more
My father was killed during WWII when I was two years old. During my childhood, I watched my friends as they shared time and fun with their fathers and I always wondered how that felt. When we played … more
By Vicki Brown   I have always been a lousy traveler. I get car sick, air sick, sea sick, and just plain sick when anything is in motion. As a child, car travel caused me no end of grief. My … more

For the Press and Standard Dear Editor, I am troubled. It seems our nation, especially in some cities, is experiencing lawlessness. Those in authority sometimes choose to look the other way, … more
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