The democrat progressives have had a bad week in their effort to put President Trump in jail and interfere with the election in November. First, the fiction based trail in New York ran into a unexpected storm of bad taste this week. Their witness, prostitute porn star Stormy Daniels, proved to be more provocative than informative. The prosecutor could not wait to get to the salacious testimony she produced. She stated that a condom was not used. She stated Trump wore a bathrobe and she was so embarrassed she asked him to put on regular clothes. With a smile and a giggle she informed the jury that it was a “brief” event. All that is missing is a blue dress and the definition of “is”.

All of this from the woman who has previously sworn the affair never happened. It is remarkable that a porn star with a long career could have total recall about that date eighteen years ago since according to her, it was a“Brief”event. The judge proved once again he is the pocket of the prosecutor for allowing this type of testimony in his courtroom that is totally irrelevant; unproven and prejudicial.   The judge had the audacity to blame Trump lawyers for not objecting; yet he refused their demands to limit or forbid her inflammatory testimony before the trial.

The gag order issued by the judge prohibits the former president from “making or directing others to make public statements about known or reasonably foreseeable witnesses concerning their potential participation in the investigation or in this proceeding” and “public statements about any prospective juror or any juror.” The gag order forbids Trump to respond to Cohen and others going on assorted media outlets to spew their versions of their story; their opinions; and any other comments they want to make. If America, regardless of politics, cannot see this is a direct attack on Trump’s freedom of speech and harms his chance for a fair trial, then we, as a country, are in serious trouble.

The trial in Atlanta has also been delayed due because it hit a legal problem. The Prosecutor has been investigated because of her affair with her married assistant prosecutor. She personally hired and set the salary for her lover at $650,000. He, in turn, took her on several expensive romantic vacations. Their sexual affair started before she hired him. She is also under investigation for possible perjury. She may be removed from the trial causing a longer delay in the trial or it could cause it to be moved to another district. This is the same prosecutor, who ran for election, promising to put Trump in jail for a long time.

To complete the trifecta of confusion, the trial in Miami has also been delayed beyond the election. Jack Smith, the Special Counsel, was notified by the Judge in Miami that their mishandling of evidence needs to be investigated before the trial can begin. It seems that prosecutors misplaced information in different files and out of sequence. The judge cannot set a new date until the investigation is complete  and since the judge has other trials on her docket. CNN, in their continual effort to destroy Trump immediately called together four talking heads to explain why the judge did this. 1. She favors Trump .2. She wants to cancel the trial. 3. She is a republican and therefore is dishonest and partial. 4. She got a parking ticket 15 years ago.....just kidding.

The “Destroy Trump Train” departed the “Democrat Station” with a full head of steam, a full load of lies and false charges. The train the Democrat Engineers claimed would put Trump in jail for forty years, has jumped the rails because the engineers were dishonest and made too many mistakes. Maybe, Trump’s gag can be removed soon, and he can campaign against the incompetent Biden and his mafia style “third world justice system”. This week shows there is hope our America will survive the current administration and its failures.  To repeat my past suggestion:  “WAKE UP AMERICA”.

Noel Ison

May 9, 2024