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Does your car insurance cover a rental while your car is repaired? Here's what to know before filing a claim

Cheap Insurance navigates the winding road of auto insurance coverage and rental reimbursement.

How has US wealth evolved since the 1980s?

How do people allocate their wealth? The Wealth Enhancement Group analyzed data published by the Federal Reserve to answer this question.

5 things you should always look for in a bank, according to a certified banking professional

GOBankingRates consulted a financial expert to identify the five things you should always look for in a bank.

Separate vs. joint bank accounts: Important tips Canadian couples need to consider to manage their money

Attention Canadian couples: outlines the pros and cons of choosing between separate or joint bank accounts.
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10 mistakes people commonly make with their banking, according to bank tellers
GOBankingRates spoke with two bank tellers to uncover the 10 mistakes people should avoid with their banking.
Where companies have adopted AI—and where they are planning to do so in the near future
Verbit analyzed survey data from the Census Bureau to see which states have the most companies that are enthusiastic about artificial intelligence.
The best universities for computer science in 5 global regions
Revelo collected rankings from U.S. News and World Report to identify the top universities for computer science within five global regions.
Can you pay taxes with a credit card?
With tax season now upon us, BestCards outlines the pros and cons of paying taxes with a credit card.
10 US cities that added the most high-income households
SmartAsset ranked 345 of the largest U.S. cities to determine where the proportion of high-income households grew the most over one year according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data.
Millennials may be the real winners of baby boomers' pandemic wealth accumulation
Creditnews looks into the "great wealth transfer" and what effect it may have on millennials.
Millennials own less than half the real estate wealth of boomers—can they catch up?
Creditnews dives into how, with little to no equity under their belt and facing near-historic interest rates, Millennials and Gen Z have struggled to break into the housing market.
How US venture capital has grown in the last 15 years
Flippa analyzed the growth in venture capital activity over the past 15 years using data from the National Venture Capital Association.
Is discussing finances with your date a mood killer? Here's the tea on dating and credit
Experian surveyed 1,000 single and committed Generation Z and millennial consumers about dating and credit.
These car insurance providers have the highest market share in each state
Insurify mapped car insurance providers with the highest market share by state, using data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

10 industries where the smallest businesses pay the highest wages

Next Insurance identified industries where small businesses paid the highest wages, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The 25 best cities for Black women to flourish financially

MoneyGeek analyzed data on income, the cost of crime, homeownership, and poverty levels from 164 cities across the United States to rank the best — and worst — cities for Black women to live and financially flourish in.

Consumers are more likely to track health and fitness data than changes to their credit

Experian surveyed over 1,000 consumers about how or if they track everyday activities, such as health and fitness and their credit score.

3 Ways to Prioritize Financial Wellness — Without Cutting Out the Fun Stuff — in 2024

(BPT) - By Mary Hines Droesch, Head of Consumer, Small Business & Wealth Management Banking and Lending ProductsIf you’ve been grocery shopping lately, you’ve probably cursed …
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A look at the average consultant salary by industry
Simply Business analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see the average hourly pay for different types of consultants in 2023.
When salt was gold: The evolution of two commodities
SD Bullion researched the history of salt and gold, from their convergence in value long ago to the modern-day difference in cost between the two.
A surprising way to stop bullying
Reasons to Be Cheerful looks at a "No-Blame" approach to school bullying that enlists the bullies' help to solve the problem.
Here are the advantages of online tutoring, according to research
As students have struggled to catch up after the COVID-19 pandemic, Marker Learning broke down some of the advantages of online tutoring.
What's the impact of teacher experience on student success across the US? examines teacher experience levels across states and subjects using data from the National Center for Education Statistics