Letter to the Editor


I have been a student of American History for over 60 years. I have never read or witnessed anything like the urgent and aggressive attempt by our current government to establish a plan for total power. It is not socialism, and it is not any form of democracy. It is the liberals creating a power base operating inside our government that is controlled by lifetime government employees working together.  Our young people hear the one sided news and witness a government that is incompetent and dishonest.  It creates confusion and disillusionment and they lose faith in their government.

Consider the following:

The U.S. Constitution established that only Congress has the power to make our laws and control the budget of our government.. Today, however, that is no longer true. A massive bureaucracy consisting of agencies that control our lives: WE HAVE DEPARTMENTS OF: Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Health, Education, Housing, Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs. Below these major departments are a total of 58 different sub-agencies. These agencies create laws on a daily basis. None of the employees of these agencies are elected. This is called the fourth estate or the swamp.

When you hear car manufacturers must increase gas mileage, congress did not pass that law. When you hear environmental laws being passed, congress did not pass those. Our border is controlled by one of those agencies and it failed. These government employees who are not elected yet control our future and our lives. The government has added over 100,000 employees since Biden was elected. 87,000 of those were hired by Internal Revenue Service . The IRS is almost the size of the Marine Corps. And the IRS is now allowed to carry guns.   WHY?

It is estimated that over ten million (10,000,000) illegal aliens have entered our country as a part of the plan to control our elections. The liberals know these illegals will vote democrat and as soon as they can legalize them to vote, they will control our government in all future elections. That is why Biden is allowing this to continue until elections in November. In addition, we taxpayers are forced to pay for their benefits.

Our young people are being fooled by the propaganda our government and media are spreading. Our Justice Department now has two standards. One for those who are liberals and another for those who are conservative and oppose them. The FBI has lied to us. Biden has lied to us. The Justice Department has lied to us. The CIA has lied to us. Our major media outlets and social networks deliberately cover up and support their lies. Remember the Russia Russia Collusion lies. Remember the lies stating Hunter Biden’s computer was a hoax. Remember the lies about Afghanistan withdrawal of our troops. Remember the lies claiming the border is secure. Remember the lies that inflation was temporary. Perhaps the biggest lie is the government gives us money and benefits. The Federal Government is not a business. It is not a charity. Every dollar the government spends is taken from us in the form of taxes. They tax us and take our money and then spend it to convince us to vote for them and re-elect them. The more we allow our government to spend our money the more control they exercise over us. 

In the past, immigrants wanted to be American. They learned our language, loved their freedom and became citizens. Today we have groups protesting and tearing down our country. They want to bring their customs to America and live by their own rules. It is dividing our country and harming our country.  They crossed our borders illegally and now the government is using our taxes to support them.  We simply cannot afford to do that.

Four generations of my family has sent 17 men into the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines who volunteered to serve and protect our country over the past 85 years.  Two of those family members gave their lives. Their love of country and protecting the freedoms for their family was their motivation. Today, our armed forces are not meeting their enlistment goals. The result is a weakened military. When we are no longer strong, we will be attacked. We are witnessing the decline of patriotism. How much longer will we be  the land of the free and home of the brave? Who will carry the torch of freedom tomorrow? 

Noel Ison