Letter to the Editor

Anti-Semitism Hate Is Destructive


I am sick and tired of the anti-Semitic protests across America, and especially on our university campuses, where they create the potential for violence. Violent demonstrations are not the main problem however. The continued growth of anti-Semitism will be destructive to our future national security and reveals the problem with uncontrolled immigration.

In the past, immigrants main purpose for coming to America was to find freedom. They wanted to live without fear of their government and be able to build a future that would fulfill their dreams. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the opportunity to find economic security for their family was their dream. Today, too many immigrants come here and do not desire to be ordinary citizens of America. They insist on bringing their native language, laws, and hate with them. Yet, escaping those same problems, is the very reason they came to America. They are destroying America being the melting pot where freedom rules. 

We see the Islamic hatred of Jews being the source of demonstrations that also include declarations anti-patriotism against America. Too many of our universities and colleges are centers of anti-Semitic programs and attitudes. This needs to be stopped immediately. How do American students ignore the tragedies imposed by these Jew hating terrorists in Israel. How can they accept Hamas beheading babies; women being raped; hostages being kidnapped and held as prisoners.? In addition, hundreds of innocent people were attacked and killed in their homes during a music festival on October 7, 2023. 

Do they deny Israel’s right to defend its sovereignty against aggression? Israel is not holding Gasa captive! Hamas is! They are cowards hiding among innocent civilians! Hamas is the one holding hostages not Israel! What kind of propaganda are these students being taught in our universities. All tax money given to these universities should be stopped. Their income tax free status should be removed!  

Are these students ignorant of History? Have they forgotten WWII and the Jew hating leader who slaughtered eight million Jews? Have they forgotten the pictures of naked men, women and children being bulldozed into mass graves? Have they forgotten the rape of women prisoners? Have they forgotten the mass of starving barely living human skeletons that were freed from the concentration camps? Have they forgotten the over 400,000 American soldiers killed? Hitler’s Jew hating insanity created a war that killed over 30,000,000 people. We don’t want Iran to start another war. If terrorists like Hamas attack America where will these students hide?

Most tragic of all, these young people are forgetting our Bill of Rights and Constitution that include freedom of religion? We welcome all religions. How do they defend and support a brutal regime that kills indiscriminately? Islamic religious wars in their country have gone on for hundreds of years, but do not belong in America. If they want to fight that war, they should stop being a coward; take off their masks; go home and fight for what they believe. We Americans have done that and we do not need or want their anti-Semitic hatred or their religious war against Jews.

Noel Ison