When the Going Gets Tough…


Do you remember Scott O’Grady? Scott was an Air Force pilot shot down over Bosnia during a reconnaissance mission in 1995. He survived six harsh winter days or a diet of bushes bugs and rainwater. He avoided detection until he was rescued by the 24th marine Expeditionary unit.

Now I am no expert on military training, but I am certain that amid that crisis, Scott O’Grady relied on the survival skills he had learned during his training. More than likely come the trading was arduous, demoralizing, and even painful at times. Yet, it was that training that enabled him to survive the crisis.

Most Christians have been there, though we might not realize it. As we seek to know and obey God’s will, obstacles and enemies will rise and surround us. Changing circumstances hack away at our faith. The devil himself whispers threats to our security whilst we sit passively, listening intently for the still small voice of God urging us to stand firm and fight.

Now imagine a military drill instructor spending his time with the special forces trainees while pumping them full of self-esteem do not give you that cliches. Imagine that drill instructor feeds the trainee rich foods, protects him from the harsh elements and assures him that special forces trainees deserve the most comfortable life possible. If that happened, the soldier would be at serious risk when the cruel realities of battle came. If a soldier is to survive, he must be prepared.

God needs well trained and experienced warriors for his Kingdom. He develops those warriors through crisis survival training. There are plenty of self-serving, ego inflated, fence straddling folks who want to be called Christians. But in this day God needs bid and women and young people who are tried, tested and true to his call. The more intense the trial and suffering, the greater the work he has for them to do got these bid, women, and young people who realize that our responsibility involves more than just making a living. It involves making a difference in Jesus’ name to build the Kingdom of God

Perhaps God has you in training right now. Are you going through some tough times? Do not be intimidated. God himself has promised you that whatever obstacle you face whatever crisis it made your life whoever you are perceived enemies might be he will be with you. Paul’s admonition to Timothy in first Timothy 6:11-12 Is also a promise for you. We are told to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith. Let me assure you that God’s plan is not simply for your survival. It is for victory!