Colleton tested all backup communications systems


For The Press and Standard

The final day of the week-long statewide exercise was held Saturday, 11-March. The last day generally encompasses communications as Counties and State agencies utilize alternate means to communicate with each other. During disasters, normal methods of communications are sometimes disabled or damaged. Colleton tested all backup communications systems, portable repeaters, the backup 9-1-1 Center, and all radios covering most frequencies from Amateur/HAM Radios, low band to 800 mHz and satellite. The tests were conducted to familiarize personnel with the use of the different systems and to test the coverage and range of each. A portable repeater was set up using Ladder 19 as a tower. Personnel from Fire-Rescue, HAM Radio Operators and the Sheriff’s Office participated most of Saturday operating from Fire-Rescue’s EOC, the back-up 9-1-1 Center, Station 19 and several Fire-Rescue Stations throughout the county, including Edisto Beach.