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Candidate filing for the November 2020 state and local elections ended on March 30.
In local races, filing to run are:

For Sheriff:
Democratic candidates: Arthur Jordan, Harold Ray Lowery, Pinky Regalado, Otis Rhodes and Alyssa Bodison.
Republican candidates: Craig Stivender, Mark Cobb, Buddy Hill, Anthony Buchanan and Dolphus Pinckney.

For Clerk of Court:
Democratic candidates: Wanda Taylor and Debra Bright.
Republican candidate: Becky H. Hill.

For Coronor:
Democratic candidate: Miguel Koger.
Republican candidate: Richard Harvey.

For Colleton County Council:
District 23:
Democratic candidates are Phillip Taylor and Kevin Williams.
District 45:
Democratic candidate: Sabrina Johnson.
Republican candidates: William Smyly, Joe Flowers and Jeff Ament.

State Races
Democratic presidential nominations are on hold for the present, but statewide, the following candidates have filed to run in the November election.

For United States Senate:
Democratic Party candidate: Jaime Harrison.
Republican candidates: Lindsey Graham, Dwayne Buckner, Joe Reynolds and Michael LaPierre.
Constitution candidate: Bill Bledsoe.

Libertarian candidates: Keenan Wallace Dunham and David Weikle.

For United States House of Representatives:
District 1: Democratic candidate: Joe Cunningham.
Republican candidates: Nancy Mace, Kathy Landing, Chris Cox and Brad Mole.
District 6: Democratic candidate: Jim Clyburn.
Republican candidate: John McCollum.
Constitution candidate: Mark Hackett.

For South Carolina State Senate:
District 39: Democratic candidates: Vernon Stephens, William R. Johnson, Cindy Evans and Jerry Montgomery.
Republican candidate: Tom Conner.
District 40: Democratic candidates: Brad Hutto and Michael Addison.
District 43: Democratic candidate: Richard Hricik.
Republican candidate: Chip Campsen.
District 45: Democratic candidate: Margie Bright Matthews.
Republican candidate: Rodney Buncum.

For South Carolina House of Representatives:
District 90: Democratic candidates: Justin Bamberg and Evert Comer.
Republican candidate: Glenn Posey.
District 97: Democratic candidate: Ronee De Canio.
Republican candidate: Mandy Kimmons.
District 116: Democratic candidates: Millicent Traeye Middleton, Charles A. Glover, John Prioleau and Chardale Murray.
Republican candidate: Carroll O’Neal.
District 121: Democratic candidate: Michael Rivers.
Republican candidate: Eric Erickson.

For Solicitor in District 14
Republican Duffie Stone.


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