#yourColletonFirefighter presents #firefighterfriday


Source: Colleton County Fire Rescue Facebook page

Get to know #yourColletonFirefighter Chris Fassett on #firefighterfriday. Firefighter/Paramedic Fassett joined the department in July 2020, and is a volunteer assigned to Station 4 serving the Hudson Mill Community.

Chris started his fire service journey as an explorer firefighter with Pewaukee Fire Department in Waukesha, Wisconsin, at age fourteen. He decided to join the fire service after arriving at the scene of a motor vehicle collision; helping the people on scene motivated him to join the explorer program. Chris received his EMT certification and began working for Bell Ambulance Service in Milwaukee. Prior to leaving the company, he received a second place award in 2007 for “Most Responses”; he logged 2372 responses during that year. He continued to volunteer for various volunteer departments until he moved to the East Coast. Fassett was hired full time by the City of Goose Creek in 2009, and he currently serves as a Lieutenant/Paramedic.

When he isn’t working or responding to emergencies, he enjoys helping with Colleton’s Explorer program and getting outdoors with his family. For more information visit Colleton County Fire Rescue Facebook page.