The Importance of Celebrating Juneteenth


Celebrating June 19 is important because it reminds us of our ancestor’s struggles and what they came through and what we can achieve.

Union soldiers fought to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation, of January 1, 1863, but slavery still existed. Two years later on June 19, 18654, the slaves in Texas were freed, and when they got word they celebrated. To this day Juneteenth in other states celebrate this legal holiday.

It is important to remember what we as a nation went through and was able to get out of the bondage of slavery. It is also important that the Juneteenth holiday survive so that each generation will know what more needs to be done (unify).

Juneteenth places Black people at the center of the conversation about freedom, its meaning, and what is being shown in this nation.

Remember the Devils Punch Bowl, Natchez, Mississippi 1860’s, Greenwood District, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Black Wall Street, and Wilmington, North Carolina 1898.

We should regularly consider the gradual changes of the meaning of freedom as we look at these certain moments in the nation’s past and present.

Juneteenth is important in relation to these events and in relation to the disproportionate and unfair deaths of African Americans. It is important when we think of enforcing our rights to vote, and how we define citizenship in this nation.

Juneteenth should really be a rallying call for all of us to think about the meaning of freedom, particularly regarding African Americans, as well as the nation and the rest of the world.

This is a time to reflect on coming together not only to celebrate the day but to put our sights on the future of our children, to lay a strong foundation, to educate, to empower, to bring about a change.

It’s time Black People for us to rise above the circumstances and injustice and push forward together and make a difference. Vote and get involved. It’s your time.