Spotlight: Jerry Craven


By Scott Grooms

This week’s Spotlight is on Jerry Craven. Jerry is a fixture in Colleton County and while you might not know his last name you probably know his face. For over 30 years, he has worked in numerous grocery stores in the area including Piggly Wiggly, Bi-Lo, and currently Food Lion. Each workday he cleans, bags, assists customers, and retrieves buggies. Jerry enjoys seeing and helping his customers, friends, and former teachers over the years.

Jerry has a busy schedule, however, in his spare time he enjoys going to the movies, the beach, and ballgames. He also likes doing hobbies and watching football games on television. As far as his favorite teams he supports both Clemson and Carolina but leans toward South Carolina when they play each other. His pro-team when watching football are the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jerry attended Walterboro High School class of 1976 when it was located on Hampton Street. He says, “I wanted to play football but always had chores to do at the house when I got home so I was cool to play with the team playing basketball”.

Jerry had a birthday last month and in his 66 years he has seen Walterboro change over the last few years, “they have widened streets and put a nice fountain by the Courthouse.

Jerry says he really likes his job and will continue to work at Food Lion as long as he is healthy.

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