Race and the Revolution: Dangerfield’s Research Featured on Display


PRESS RELEASE - The Rebecca Motte chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution unveiled a marker and an exhibit panel based on Dr. David Dangerfield’s research on race and the Revolutionary War. 

The 6-feet tall interpretive panel highlights African American and indigenous experiences during the American Revolution. The display, which is part of the America250 observance at the Provost Dungeon and Exchange Building in Charleston, helps tell stories from the Revolution that have often gone untold and helps promote a richer story about America’s founding.

“This project remembers people who were caught in between the Crown and the colony. They had few choices, and they had to navigate the Revolution hoping their decisions and circumstances might lead to better conditions for themselves and their families. These conditions and the work for full freedom and equality that remained unrealized even after the Revolution make their stories all the more important for us to include and honor,” Dangerfield said.


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