P.E.P. Club featured Nancy Thomas program in May


The P.E.P. (People Enjoying People) was very fortunate to have Nancy Thomas as their speaker for their May program. Nancy’s program was “Stranger-Danger....Stranger Fraud. It is a fact seniors are prime targets for fraud as we were raised to have good manners and be trustworthy. It is hard to hand up on a telemarketer or not give out information if someone calls claiming to be from you bank or other facility you do business with.

Beware of the information you put on Facebook. Beware of “free gifts”. Think about these “good deals” you are offered over the phone. Would you really buy medication over the phone from someone with a foreign accent? Be skeptical if you get a call that a grandchild or relative has been put in jail or been in a wreck and they need money right then top help them out. We did not get to this age by being stupid, so think about what you are doing. Nancy’s program was an eye opener and enjoyed by all the club members.

The P.E.P. Club is a senior club that meet the last Tuesday of the month at the Recreation Center in the Industrial Area at 12:00. Lunch is served, a program is presented, door prizes given, and Bingo is played if you so desire. The first visit is free and if you join annual dues are $5.00.

For more information call club President Norma Weeks at 843-538-8950.