Kontrolmatik brings lawsuit against commercial real estate group


Operations on the Pomega Energy Storage Technologies, a subsidiary of Kontolmatik Technologies lithium-ion battery plant were projected to begin in mid-2024. Construction was scheduled to be finished by the end of the third quarter of 2024 with the beginning operations to begin thereafter. Earlier this year Mr. Bahadir “Baha” Yetki, CEO, USA Kontrolmatik Technologies relayed during an interview they are still working on the process design as there had been a few changes regarding capacity which has been increased. Due to the increase revision had to be made. Yetki also relayed once the revisions were made and approved the construction design would also be finalized. The water mitigation works had been completed and the construction site was to be prepared for horizontal construction. Yetki also confirmed previous figures that the site will be a 650,00 square foot facility and will employ approximately 575 once at full operations. The factory is in the Colleton Industrial Campus just off Exit 62 on I-95 and McLeod Road.

Now Kontrolmatik/Pomega has brought a lawsuit against the commercial real estate group that helped them find the Colleton County location and negotiate economic incentives for the company. According to Erin Morgan, court filings state “in May 2022, Kontrolmatik and JLL executed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding that provided JLL would be compensated on a contingency fee basis (10% fee of business and economic incentives or five million dollars; whichever was less) for its procurement of business and economic incentives on behalf of Kontrolmatik.” $127 million in incentives was given to Kontrolmatik and JLL is asking for $5 million for their assistance. Kontrolmatik disagrees with what is owed. Their lawsuit states that the Memorandum of Understanding was non-binding and also contend the contingency fee violated South Carolina law. Once South Carolina was chosen for the site for the new plant the memorandum was not updated to reflect South Carolina law. Kontrolmatik has paid JLL for their work ($750,000), but JLL has demanded Kontrolmatik pay additional funds or face litigation.

The Press and Standard reached out to Kontrolmatik for comment and they respectfully declined to comment due to the pending litigation.