First Baptist Church Selects its Senior Pastor


Walterboro First Baptist Church selected its new Senior Pastor on Sunday, June 16th. The church search committee presented their choice for a Senior Paster to the congregation for a vote at a special called conference after the weekly service. The congregation selected NextGen Pastor Braxton Edwards as the churches new Senior Pastor.

Pastor Edwards was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. Edwards attended North Greenville and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary graduating with his masters in divinity. Edwards has worked as an EMT for Greenville County EMS while in college. Braxton is married to Gracie who he met in his sophomore year of college. Together they will lead First Baptist Church in to the future. Edwards says, “Gracie and I are very excited for the opportunity to serve at Walterboro First Baptist. We are thankful for Gods grace to us and for the community He has brought us to.”

Paster Braxton has been the churches NextGen Paster for 3 years and will officially take over his Senior Pastor duties in Mid-July.

First Baptist Church of Walterboro originated October 17, 1858, and was located at the of corner of Wichman and Fishburne Streets. In the1950’s, the church moved to the corner of Hampton Street & Memorial Avenue and on October 3, 1954 the church held its first service at its current location.

First Baptist Church hold its services each Sunday Morning at 10:30am and invites anyone who would like to attend to come to its services. The church has many activities during the week and a complete listing is available at