Neighbors save house from fire



The homeowner of a Sloan Circle mobile home was saved from a house fire on Jan. 11th when she awoke to the smell of the smoke and then quickly ran from her house, alerting neighbors of the fire, who ultimately saved her house with a water hose.

According to Colleton County Fire-Rescue Chief Barry McRoy, the woman was awakened at about midnight on Tuesday, Jan. 11th by smoke inside the house. She ran outside, screaming for help.

A neighbor was next door working on a vehicle and ran to the single wide mobile home. Flames were coming out of the windows on the front of the building,” said McRoy. “As another man called 9-1-1, he grabbed a garden hose and sprayed water on the fire.

“As some of the smoke cleared, he entered the front door and directed water on the fire at the front wall, behind the refrigerator.”

Firefighters then arrived and found “light smoke coming from the mobile home,” said McRoy. They went into the house and the refrigerator was smoldering.

The fire damaged the front wall and window, as well as a portion of the kitchen. McRoy said the rest of the house suffered smoke damage, but most of the homeowner’s personal belongings were saved.

According to him, the fire started from an overloaded electrical outlet.

The homeowner was not injured in this fire.