Lowcountry truck owners ask reconsideration of ‘Carolina Squat’ modification law


The “Carolina Squat” has grown in popularity through social media and car communities across the Lowcountry and the South, but a new law now being enforced could mean hefty fines for truck owners.

South Carolina is one of three states actively placing a ban on the modification, which has a vehicles front fender raised four or more inches above the rear.

The law (Bill 363) has been in talks for just under a year because of concerns for safety and visibility while on the roads as well as vehicle performance and operation.

Lowcountry vehicle owners whose vehicles have the modification say it creates a sense of family

Law enforcement will be giving out warning tickets to those violating the law through May 10, 2024. Once that 180-day period is up, owners whose vehicles still have the modification will face the following fines:

$100 for a first offense

$200 for a second offense

$300 fine and license suspension for 12 months from the date of conviction for a third offense.

For more information visit scdps.sc.gov