Hurricane Idalia’s lingering effects


Source: Colleton County Fire Rescue

In the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia last week, heavy rains from the midlands of South Carolina began reaching Colleton County on its voyage to the Atlantic. The Edisto and Combahee Rivers surpassed their capacity and began flooding lowlands near the rivers this weekend. Fire-Rescue monitored the rising waters and conducted flooding assessments throughout the weekend. The most severe flooding occurred along the Edisto south of Canadys to the Jelicos area, with many roads flooded and many homes surrounded by flood waters. As of Sunday evening, no one on the Colleton side of the river required any assistance, however Dorchester County authorities did rescue one occupant from a home in the Givhans Community. The river gauge at Givhans reported the river level at 13.97 feet Sunday September 3) and is expected to crest sometime Monday (September 4) at 14.2 feet. SCDNR is patrolling the area and Fire-Rescue crews are available to respond if necessary. Most residents of the area are used to the high waters and are prepared. On the Combahee River, most of the flooding was in the area of Public Landing Lane south of the railroad tracks. Fire-Rescue met with some citizens in the area and they reported the water was high, but had not entered any homes.

In Walterboro, there was brief flooding on Ireland Creek in the area of Forest Hills Road, but the water receded Saturday. Fire-Rescue continues to monitor the flooding and anyone requiring immediate assistance is encouraged to call 9-1-1.