Hampton health workers honored


Health care workers at the Hampton Regional Hospital complex were honored Wednesday May 13 with a “Salute to Our Medical Heroes” parade.

Yemassee police and Mayor Colin Moore organized the event during National Hospital Week and National Law Enforcement Week to pay tribute to the hospital workers who risked their lives to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With sirens at full volume, 12 law enforcement cruisers and an ambulance rode through the medical center’s campus and greeted cheering crowds at noon.

“We wanted to show our appreciation for the Medical Professionals helping us combat the invisible enemy in our backyard,” said Chief of Police Gregory Alexander.

Mayor Moore agreed. “We wanted to show our appreciation to the hospital workers and wondered what we could do for them. We decided to go visit them and give them a shout out. We had some refreshments for them, too. We just want them to know we appreciate all they do,” he said.

Health care worker Keon Blake was thrilled with the acknowledgement. “I thought this was wonderful. It was great! This was so very nice. It feels so good to be appreciated during this time of the Corona virus as essential workers,” said Blake.

Her colleague Persephine Gardner was also impressed. “This was so great,” said Gardner. “We feel appreciated.”

Cindy Thomas was also appreciative. “I think this was pretty cool. It was so nice of them to honor the health care workers.”

Tina Maxwell, another health care worker, was excited by the event. “As a health care professional, it feels good to be honored and appreciated,” said Maxwell.

Sherry Fryar was so enthusiastic about the event that she gave a “Tony the Tiger” impression with “This is grrrrrreat!”

Alison Johnston was simply thankful. “We really would like to thank them for what they did for us today. It was wonderful to be honored this way.”


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