A Main Street shooting suspect is charged

By Heather Ruppe

One person wanted in the August 13th shooting and stabbing that injured a Colleton County child has turned himself into authorities.

Tommy Bromell, 30, of Port Wentworth, Georgia, turned himself into the Walterboro Police Department (WPD) earlier this week. He is charged with Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature (ABHAN).

No other suspects are being sought at this time, according to Sgt. Tavara Edwards, spokesman for the police department.

The WPD is still looking actively investigating this incident, which occurred at about 8:58 p.m. on Saturday, August 13th, outside a rental venue along main street in downtown Walterboro. The shooting and stabbing occurred after authorities say an argument between two men turned violent, which led to four people being injured.

According to information provided by the Walterboro Police Department, a 12-year-old boy was shot three times. A second person was also shot. A third victim was stabbed. A fourth person was shot in the wrist.

“It (the argument) became violent when one was stabbed with a knife. The stabbing victim then produced a gun and shot his aggressor,” said Sgt. Tavara Edwards, spokeswoman for the local police department.

According to Sgt. Edwards with the Walterboro Police Department, the juvenile was not involved in the dispute. He was an innocent bystander.

As of press deadline, no arrests have been made in this incident.

However, both the gun and the knife used in the crime were found at the crime scene and they are in police evidence, said Edwards.

In other Colleton County crime news:

Dog thief being sought

Deputies were called to a house on Honor Lane in Ridgeville last week to a report of a dog being stolen. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a woman told authorities that she believed her neighbor stole her dog. The woman said her neighbors’ dogs were “taken” and she believes the neighbor then took her dog as a way to get back at her. There was no proof of this happening, but deputies did document the incident in a report.

Cocaine arrest

A 37-year-old Colleton County woman is charged with possession of cocaine after she was caught with drug at a local junk yard. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, deputies were called to a Sidneys Road business when a suspicious vehicle was spotted on the property. This particular business is a junk yard, and the deputy states in his report that the business owner has had multiple thefts in the past, prompting their call for assistance. When the deputy arrived, he saw a man who said his brother is the property owner and “everything was fine.” The man also said he had a woman with him and he was in the back yard of the junk yard, where his truck was located. While waiting for the business owner to arrive and confirm the man’s story, the deputy walked to the back of the junk yard and saw the woman “frantically” enter the passenger side of the truck. She also had a purse in her hand and then walked to the front of the car. The business owner did confirm that the man on the property was his brother; however, the woman admitted to having drugs. During a search, the deputy found two pipes, two syringes and white powder. That powder was field-tested and was identified as fentanyl and cocaine. She is charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of cocaine, first offense, according to the report.

Chicken brawl

Law enforcement officers were called to a Walterboro house on August 12th when a mother and daughter got into a fight over chickens. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the two began pushing each other repeatedly and then got into a physical fight. The fight began over who owns several chickens that are in pens on the property. One of the women also began letting the chickens out of the pens “for an unknown reason,” which also prompted the fight, the report states. It is unclear if either woman was charged with a crime.