CRIME REPORTS - 4/29/2021


Woman cruises 5 miles on ATV before being stopped

While driving on Pleasant Grove Road on April 21, a deputy with the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office saw a four-wheeler being driven along the roadway. This is against state law. The person driving the four-wheeler was a woman, who also had a child on the four-wheeler as a passenger. The child did not have on a helmet, an incident report states. The deputy then stopped the driver, and explained that it is illegal to operate a four-wheeler on highways. It is also state law that a child must wear a helmet. The woman was given a citation for child restraint, and the four-wheeler was towed. In all, the woman had driven five miles along Colleton highways before being stopped by a deputy, the report states. In other Colleton County crime news:

Man threatens to harm pregnant girlfriend in doctor office

Local law enforcement officers were called to a Walterboro OBGYN office last week when a man threatened to harm his pregnant girlfriend. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, staff members of the local OBGYN office called for help when the irate man refused to leave the premises until his pregnant girlfriend had finished her appointment and also left with him. The man also threatened to physically harm the pregnant woman, the report states. The man’s driver’s license are also found to be suspended, the report states. The man was told to leave the premises but no other action was taken.

Clerk takes back stolen booze

A woman walked into a Walterboro gas station last week, took several alcoholic beverages from from the store’s cooler, hid them inside her jacket and then walked out. The complainant, who is also the store’s clerk, confronted the woman and got them back. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the woman was pregnant. She was last seen headed toward Carolina Lodge in Walterboro. The incident was caught on security cameras.

Aunt steals nieces’ shoes

A woman broke into her niece’s house last week and stole four pair of shoes. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the victim notified the sheriff’s office of a break-in that had occurred on April 21 while she was at work. The victim told law enforcement officers that she returned to her Smoaks residence and discovered the back door to the house was open. The woman also said that four pair of shoes were missing: a relative who lives near the victim said she saw the suspect go into the house and then carry out a television. When the victim confronted the woman, who is her aunt, about entering her house, the suspect admitted to going into the house when the victim was not at home, but she did not admit to stealing any shoes. The victim pressed charges. The suspect is being charged with breaking and entering.

Man found drunk under a tree

Officers with the Walterboro Police Department were called to Ireland Creek last week, where they found a man passed out under a tree. According to an incident report, the responding officer found a 25-year-old man laying under a tree along the creek. The man was “grossly intoxicated,” the report states: the man could not stand and his speech was slurred. The officer found a partially-consumed 18-pack of beer near the man, along with beer cans strewn around him. The man was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

Man asking customers for money threatens clerk

A 51-year-old Yemassee man is accused of threatening a 25-year-old Walterboro store clerk. According to a police report filed with the Walterboro Police Department, the man came into the El Cheapo gas station and began asking clients for money. When the woman asked the man to leave, the man threatened to “box” the woman in her face. The man was already on a trespass notice for this business, meaning he is not allowed to be in there. The man did leave the gas station; however, she asked officers to place the man on trespass notice. The man was located and he was cited and released for trespassing.

Cops called to Glam Trap for crowd control, assault

Officers with the Walterboro Police Department responded to a Padgett Loop business last week for a 911-hang up. When they arrived, they officers state in an incident report that they found “people standing outside the door” of the Walterboro business, Glam Trap. Witnesses said there had been an active fight inside the business: about 12 people were still on scene, the report states. One woman, a 37-year-old Walterboro resident, had bleeding abrasions on her face. A 27-year-old Walterboro man is accused of third-degree assault and battery.

Guns seized in traffic stop

While on routine patrol last week, a Walterboro police officer stopped the driver of a Blue Honda for having defective tag lights. The officer stated he could also smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. Once he stopped the car, the officer stated that the ‘offender took longer than normal” to come to a complete stop. All individuals in the car were told to get out and everyone complied; however, the officer said there was a 9-mm black handgun in “plain sight” on the front passenger side of the car. The officer seized several other firearms from the car, including a Semi-Automatic .38 and the 9-mm handgun. Both the driver and the passenger in the car were “federally prohibited” from having a gun. Arrests were made for the unlawful carrying of a pistol and for possession of marijuana.

Elder abuse reported

Walterboro police officers were called on April 20 to investigate a report of elder abuse. According to the Walterboro Police Department incident report, a person called the police department about a worker at a local senior living community who started “pushing on the side and back of the chair” that an elderly person was sitting in. According to the report, the alleged suspect “would have dumped him out,” referring to the victim. This case is under investigation.


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