CRIME REPORTS - 12/16/2021


Yemassee couple robbed at gunpoint at local business

A couple dropping off food to a family member at a local Walterboro business was robbed at gunpoint in that business’ parking lot.
The victims told Walterboro police officers that they were in the parking lot of Lowcountry Lanes on Wichman Street in Walterboro when a gray Pontiac Grand Am approached their car: the victims had not even gotten out of their car yet when the suspects in the car pulled next to their vehicle, got out of their car and walked up to the victims’’ vehicle. One of the suspects pointed a gun at the couple and said, “Give me everything you got,” according to a Walterboro Police Department incident report.
The female victim gave one suspect her purse, which contained about $200 in cash and various credit cards and debit cards. Meanwhile, the second suspect had walked to the passenger side of the car, where the male victim sat. That male victim also handed over his wallet, which contained about $300 in cash, ID cards and multiple other credit cards, the report states. The suspects then fled the scene, heading toward Interstate 95. This case is under investigation. As of press deadline, no arrests had been made. The car is described as a gray Pontiac Grand Am with a red-colored front panel. The suspects are described as black men who were wearing dark-colored hoodies, the report states.

Ex-boyfriend breaks into woman’s house, delivers dogs
A Colleton woman called 911 when her ex-boyfriend broke into her house and brought in several items, including dogs. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the man climbed into the woman’s house through an unlocked window and brought with him several personal belongings, including clothes, dog food and three dogs that he put in the woman’s back yard. When the woman came home from work and found the man inside her house, he then confronted her about having a new boyfriend. The woman called 911. Deputies responded, and it is unclear if the man was arrested or charged.

Wal-Mart employee assaulted inside store
Several Walterboro residents walked into Wal-Mart recently, found a female employee who was working in the store and proceeded to assault her inside the store. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, the 29-year-old female suspect was seen on store surveillance footage walking into Wal-Mart with a few other people: the officer who wrote the report said the suspect and those with her “looked like they were looking for someone.” The suspects then found the 22-year-old victim and proceeded to assault her. The victim refused to press charges. No action was taken.

Local business damaged during gun theft
A Walterboro man and his girlfriend were caught in the act destroying the inside of a local business and then were spotted stealing a handgun from the same business. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, a 37-year-old Walterboro man and a 26-year-old woman from Branchville walked into the 24-Hour Laundry on Bells Highway in Walterboro on Dec. 1st and seemed to start doing laundry. However, while the woman was pretending to do laundry, the man was seen on surveillance footage trying to enter a side door of the business. The man kicks the door several times and eventually makes entry into the office. Inside, he is seen stealing a 9-mm black Taurus handgun. That gun si valued at $600, the report states. The man is also seen cutting wires to surveillance cameras and also damaged tiles in the men’s bathroom. Overall, the two suspects did $6,000 in damage to the business. Both people have been identified and are being sought.

Wal-Mart shopper assaulted by stranger who kisses her
A woman in line at Wal-Mart in Walterboro was assaulted by man who randomly approached and kissed her. According to an incident report filed with the Walterboro Police Department, the 39-year-old Walterboro victim was standing in line trying to check out at a cash register when the male suspect walked up to her and began talking to her. The woman told officers that she did not know the man, and that he proceeded to rub her shoulders and make her very uncomfortable. The man, who is described as a black man in his 30s to 40s and who was wearing a green hat, then kissed her face and walked away. The woman said she did want to press charges. The incident occurred at about 11 a.m. on the grocery side of the store.

Newborn tests positive for drugs
A newborn baby born at Colleton Medical Center in Walterboro has tested positive for drugs. According to a Walterboro Police Department incident report, local law enforcement authorities were contacted by the Department of Social Services, who said that the newborn baby was born to a 31-year-old Walterboro woman. The child immediately tested positive for amphetamines and opiates. More testing is done, and charges are pending. This case is under investigation.