CRIME REPORTS - 1/13/2022


Suspicious pedestrian charged with drugs, gun


While patrolling the area of Thunderbolt Drive, a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office deputy saw a man standing in the road holding his hands out by his sides. The deputy stopped, and asked the man if he was ok. The man then said he needed a ride home, but the officer soon learned the man matched the description of a suspicious person who was reported earlier in the day: according to the report, the man was seen approaching residences along a nearby street. The man then told the deputy that he had a gun on him. The deputy found a 9-mm gun in the man’s waistband, the report states. The deputy also searched the man, and found meth and heroin. The 35-year-old man is charged with possession with intent to distribute meth, possession of heroin and unlawful carrying of a handgun.

In other crime news:

Car chase leads to drug arrest

Deputies chased a 32-year-old Walterboro man through the woods after he ran from officers. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a deputy tried to stop the man’s vehicle because he was driving without his headlights on. However, the man refused to stop driving and continued down Keegan Road. There, he finally stopped the vehicle, jumped from the car and then fled on foot into a wooded area. Deputies chased him and threatened him with a taser. The man is charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin and failure to stop for blue lights.

Two charged with drug possession

Deputies arrested a man and a woman near Sure Shots bar in Walterboro after a drug dog alerted the officers to drugs in the car. According to Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, the deputy stopped the vehicle on Jan. 2nd because a paper license tag was “flapping in the wind” and was not visible to the deputy, the report states. Once stopped, a canine drug dog alerted to drugs in the car. The woman pulled drugs from her bra, and more drugs were also found. The two were charged with possession with intent to distribute meth and possession with intent to distribute heroin.

Dollar General theft

A man walked into the Dollar General in Ruffin on Jan. 4th and tried to steal multiple items, including Clorox wipes, bread, trash bags, cereal, sodas and dish detergent. The amount stolen was approximately $100. While trying to run away from the store, however, the man got “spooked” in the parking lot and dropped some of the stolen items, which were recovered. The case is under investigation.

Burglar found by K9 cop

Law enforcement officers used a k9 to search for a suspected burglar who was caught in the act of robbing a home by the homeowner. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the homeowners returned to their Round O house on Jan. 2nd and told deputies they “heard footsteps” coming from inside their house when they opened the front dor. They then saw a man running from their house, toward their back yard. A canine search dog was used to search for the suspect, who was found hiding inside a shed on nearby property.

The man was taken to Colleton Medical Center because he had shallow breathing. Once he was cleared from any medical issues, he was charged with first-degree burglary.

BB gun wielders caught with drugs

Officers with the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office were called to a Ruffin residence on Dec. 29th to a report of boys shooting their BB guns at cars as they passed by. When deputies arrived, they spoke to the juvenile boys and discovered that the boys did not have any BB guns: they were pretending to shoot at each other. While speaking to the boys, however, the deputy stated in his incident report that he smelled marijuana. The boys admitted to having drugs. The juveniles were sent to their house and their mother was notified. The marijuana was confiscated.