Latosia Simmons


Q: Economic development is a key priority for our county's growth. In your view, what are the most pressing economic development issues facing our county?

A: "Our county faces several pressing economic development issues, including:"

. Limited job opportunities and workforce development

. Insufficient infrastructure to support business growth

. Need for diversified industries and entrepreneurship

. Access to affordable housing, healthcare and education

. Balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability

Addressing these issues will require collaborative efforts from government, businesses, and community stakeholders to create a thriving economy that benefits all citizens.

Q: For the entire county, including Edisto, Cottageville, Lodge, Walterboro, Smoaks, ect., Community engagement is crucial for effective governance. How do you plan to engage with residents and solicit their input on important county issues and how do you ensure that diverse voices are heard and considered in the decision making process?

A: "Community engagement is vital for effective governance. To ensure diverse voices are heard, I plan to:"

. Hold regular town hall meetings and public forums

. Establish an online platform for feedback and suggestions

. Meet with community groups and organizations

. Foster partnerships with local businesses and schools

. Ensure inclusive and accessible decision-making processes

Q: What responsibilities come under the purview of the County Council? What are the functions of a Councilmember?

A: "As a candidate for County Council for District 23, I believe the Council's top priority is serving the needs of the citizens by listening to concerns, representing interest, and making informed decisions.

My focus will be on ensuring the basics are covered: Well-maintained roads, reliable water and sewage systems, and a fully staffed Sheriff's Department with sufficient officers to support our community substations.

I'm committed to working with State agencies to make a safer Colleton a reality with integrity, transparency, and accountability building a better future for our county."

Q: In your view, what are the most pressing issues facing our county, and how do you envision addressing these issues collaboratively with other elected officials and community stakeholders?

A: "Our county's economy faces many difficulties and pressing issues, but we can address them by focusing on eight key areas:

. Developing a skilled workforce

. Upgrading infrastructure

. Supporting businesses and entrepreneurship

. Diversifying our economy

. Improving access to capital

. Enhancing quality of life

. Collaborating regionally

. Building a strong county brand

Throughout my tenure, I'll make it a priority to reach out to every citizen through town hall meetings and knocking on doors to ensure that every voice is heard and every need is addressed.

By tackling these areas, we can drive growth, create jobs, and build a thriving economy that works for all.

As a proud resident of this beautiful county, I know we deserve better. We deserve good jobs, reliable infrastructure, and access to quality healthcare and education. We deserve a thriving economy that works for everyone.

But I also know that we face real challenges. I've seen how our community struggles to find work, to make ends meet, and to access the resources they need. I've seen our roads crumble, our water systems fail, and our Sheriff's Department stretched thin. That's why I'm running for County Council. I want to use my skills and experience to make a difference and to ensure diverse voices are heard. I want to work with you, with local businesses, and with state agencies to create jobs, upgrade our infrastructure, and support our entrepreneurs. I want to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing, healthcare, and education. I believe in Colleton County. I Believe in our people, our culture, and our natural beauty. I know that together, we can achieve great things and build a better future for our county.