CCHS goes to 2024 SC Coach’s Combine


The Carolinas’ Coaches Combines is a series of combines that are hosted throughout the states of South Carolina and North Carolina. Previously known as The Palmetto Combine Series in South Carolina, the combines are in conjunction with the South Carolina Football Coaches Association (SCFCA) and the North Carolina Football Coaches Association (NCFCA). This series of combines provides football players with the opportunity to display their abilities through a variety of measurable combine stations, as well as participate in competition activities to showcase their skills. Through a partnership with Catapult, each athlete will wear a state-of-the-art Catapult One tracking system. The Catapult One tracking system measures the core metrics that improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and develop coach to player communication.

CCHS rising seniors and underclassman participated in the 2024 SC Coach’s Combine held at Woodland High School.

The rising senior who participated are:

Amari Williams

Karter Stephens

Shawn Williams

Kendal Farmer

Demarios Johnson Stevens

The Underclassman who participated are:

Xa Greene

Galil Frazier

Mari Brown

Rodney Wilder

Cam Grayson