Carolina Textiles Expanding Facility in Colleton County


By Vicki Brown  

Carolina Textiles has announced that the company will be expanding their operations in Walterboro, South Carolina, adding 15,000 square feet to their facility and several new jobs.

The announcement, made by Brad Grossman, president and owner of the company, comes as the company celebrates their 100th year in business. 

“We are proud that Carolina Textiles has been a steadfast employer in the community and that we have been contributing to the local economy and quality of life here since 1995,” said Grossman, whose family has owned the company for four generations. Grossman’s family came here from Columbus, Ohio in 1995, ready to become part of the Colleton County community. His grandfather started the business in 1921, and Grossman’s son is the fourth generation to work at the plant. 

Since its opening in Colleton County, the company has expanded twice in three years.

“Our success can be attributed to the loyal workforce here in Colleton County and the low turnover in employees,” added Grossman.  “Our longest serving employee has been here 24 years, and our newest employee has been here a year.”

Local officials praised the business for its expansion, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

“What an achievement to be celebrating a century of doing business,” said Steve Murdaugh, chairman of Colleton County Council.  “We are grateful to Carolina Textiles for investing in our people and our county, and we are delighted that they are expanding their facility again this year, finding success even during a pandemic.  

“It’s a great American story for a family-owned business.  The county will work with them to assist their growth in any way that we can.”

SouthernCarolina Alliance Chairman Marty Sauls also commented on the company’s success. The alliance helps to recruit and support economic development in Colleton County, and in several other area counties. 

“Companies like Carolina Textiles in Walterboro are the backbone of our regional economy,” said Sauls.  “Every job created here offers a better future for a family, and that’s what economic development is all about.  We salute Carolina Textiles for their expansion and on their 100th anniversary.”

Carolina Textiles, located at 68 Anderson Road in Walterboro, receives or ships between 10 – 12 containers a month. They serve and work with three to four foreign countries, namely Pakistan, Dubai, India, Honduras, and El Salvador. They also have a second site near Greenville, S.C. 

Combined, the two sites have approximately 40 employees with plans to hire a few more after the new warehouse is built this summer.

“We are extremely proud of our homegrown Carolina Textiles.  Through strong economic headwinds this fourth generation green/renewables company is proving that business can thrive and grow in Colleton County,” said Lee Petrolawicz, chairman of the Colleton County Economic Alliance.  “Happy 100th anniversary to Carolina Textiles, and congratulations to Carolina Textiles and the Grossman family for the second company expansion in two years.  And, just as important, congratulations to the many Colletonians that will find new jobs with this wonderful company.”

The company is a national leader in the manufacturing and distribution of cleaning cloths, towels, and disposable wipes. 

According to Alex Grossman, the fourth-generation part-owner, any cloth is usable for the company. Thrift stores sell their unusable or unsold items to Carolina Textiles. 

“We buy the material, cut it, pack it, and sell it,” said Grossman. “We help them clear out their inventory. Some of the items are clothes that are in good shape. Some are shoes. Those items we sell or send to third world countries for them to sell at markets.” The company also takes in old hospital sheets, blankets, scrubs, and hospital gowns. The materials are cut, baled, wrapped in plastic or boxed and shipped to manufacturers or industrial companies.

“We are always looking for opportunities to grow,” said Grossman. “But we want to expand and help our community here in Colleton first.”

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