Cadets receive promotions, awards


One of the challenges all Civil Air Patrol squadrons face during COVID-19 is finding a way to keep their cadets motivated and making progress in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program. The ACE Basin Composite Squadron is excited to announce that four cadets have earned the Wright Brothers Achievement Award, earning the rank of cadet staff sergeant.

These four cadets are now referred to as cadet non-commissioned officers, and have the opportunity to join the squadron’s other cadet NCOs and cadet officers in growing as leaders with new responsibilities and staff positions.

The Wright Brothers Award is awarded for successfully completing the Phase I of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. It marks the transition of a cadet to the non-commissioned officer status in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program, and accompanies promotion to the grade of cadet staff sergeant (C/SSgt).

The cadets who achieved this milestone recently include:

C/SSgt. Joshua Koontz, C/SSgt. Lincoln McClellan, C/SSgt. Piper McClellan and C/SSgt. Bethany Tharp.

In addition to these four milestone promotions, the following cadets have achieved new grade and rank by the end of June 2020, as announced at Promotion Night on June 30.

Cadet Airman (C/Amn)

C/Amn. Jason Carter

C/Amn. Alyssa Montanez

Cadet Airman First Class (C/A1C)

C/A1C. Keane Hickman

C/A1C. JaneBatson Mason

C/A1C. Melinda Kaye Mercer

Cadet Senior Airman  (C/SrA)

C/SrA. Hunter Koontz

C/SrA. Oscar Ponce

Cadet Technical Sergeant (C/TSgt)

C/TSgt. Paul Pearson

Cadet Senior Master

Sergeant (C/SMSgt)

C/SMSgt Haley Idol

Cadet Chief Master  Sergeant (C/CMSgt)

C/CMSgt. Nathan Mercer

“Despite the challenges posed by training in a virtual environment, the cadets and senior members of the ACE Basin Composite Squadron continue to make progress and are prepared to make a difference in their community because of their commitment! We are so proud of them!” said Capt. Rachael M. Mercer, unit commander.

Although the ACE Basin Composite Squadron is currently meeting virtually, the emergency services training and preparation for community service continues.

For more information about the ACE Basin Composite Squadron, contact Capt. Mercer at


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