Best of the Best Current Leader Standings - Nov. 17, 2023


The Press & Standard’s 2023/2024 Best of the Best is currently underway! Voting began Oct. 19, so far more than 19,000 votes have been cast by 874 people.

This year, we are posting an update each week on our website of the current leaders for five randomly selected categories. To select the five categories, we’ve created a digital spinning wheel with all 114 categories on it.  Each week, we will post the wheel spin on Facebook, and you’ll be able to watch for the week’s categories.  After a category is selected, it is removed from the wheel.  Once the wheel spins, visit our website to see the current leaders. 

Continue to vote once per week per category to support your local favorites. Voting ends Dec. 11.

Here are the five categories and current leaders as of Nov. 17, 2023:


  1. Westbury’s Ace Hardware
  2. Corbett Building Supply
  3. Tractor Supply



  1. Jill Burttram – Colleton Prep
  2. Eddie Peeples – Colleton County Middle School
  3. Uirica Bodison – Colleton County High School



  1. Bee City
  2. Ivanhoe Family Cinemas
  3. Edisto Beach



  1. Sugar B’s Bakeshop
  2. Nancy Padgett Crosby
  3. Amy’s Cakes



  1. Sapp Law Firm
  2. Deborah B. Kane Law Firm
  3. Everett W. Bennett, Jr.