Becky Hill faces accusations of ethics violations


Becky Hill, former Clerk of Court for Colleton County faces a multitude of ethics violations as a result of a SLED investigation. The State Ethics Commission filed two complaints against her for a total of 76 ethics violations.

One of the complaints filed against Hill has two counts. Count one states Mrs. Hill “provided an individual with whom she was associated with confidential information in the form of a photo of an inmate in the Colleton County courthouse holding cell, to promote the sale of a book.” Count two states Hill “filmed a promotional segment with the Walterboro Chamber of Commerce President for her book in her office at the Colleton County Courthouse.” The second complaint lists 74 counts of ethics violation dealing with use of official position for financial gain, use of official position for financial gain for business with which associated, and use or disclosure of confidential information for financial gain.

Hill is to appear before the State Ethics Commission December 19, 2024 in reference to these charges.

As previously reported, Mrs. Hill resigned from her position as Clerk of Court for Colleton County earlier this year. Judge Cecil Utsey IV, was appointed by Governor McMaster in the interim until a permanent clerk was appointed or elected. Former Clerk of Court Patricia Grant was then appointed to serve until the elections.