Alligator vendor list released


By Heather Ruppe

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources has released its official 2022 vendor list for this year’s alligator hunting season. The vendor list includes businesses throughout the state who are approved by S.C. DNR to do everything related to alligator hunting, from providing guided hunts to selling equipment needed for individuals to hunt on their own.

While there are no Colleton County vendors on this list, there are several who are located in nearby counties. The 2022 S.C. Alligator Vendor’s List includes:

Red Bluff Lodge in Allendale County: 803-584-7363. This business provides guided service for all four alligator hunting areas. They also provide hunting equipment. Visit them at

American Partners Marketing Services dba Cooper River Adventure Club, Moncks Corner. 843-324-3141. This business provides hunting equipment, alligator processing, alligator guides through the Cooper River, taxidermy and tanning.

Gator Getter Consultants, Bonneau. 843-509-1996. This business provides alligator hunting equipment, processing, guides, and taxidermy services.

Cordray’s Processing in Ravenel. 843-766-7922. They provide alligator processing. 843-766-792

Cordray’s Taxidermy in Ravenel. 843-509-7720. They provide alligator tanning and taxidermy.

Frequently Asked Questions for Gator Hunting

1. I was selected to hunt in the lottery this year. Where can I go alligator hunting?

You are allowed to hunt on any of the navigable waters of the state as long as you stay in the alligator management unit you were selected to hunt. You can also hunt on private lands that are not enrolled in the Private Lands Alligator Program as long as permission has been granted by the landowner. WMAs and other state and federal properties (such as parks and refuges) are not open for public alligator hunting.

2. Why can’t I mail an application with a $10 check, like I do for other DNR draw hunts?

Printing, mailing and entering every application is extremely time-consuming and expensive. Likewise, to issue a refund requires additional paperwork to be processed by the DNR and then by the Comptroller General before anyone can be issued a refund.

3. I am unable to apply for the alligator hunt until the last day of the application period (June 15th). Will this hurt my chance of being selected?

Not at all. The computer selection process treats all applications submitted during the application period the same whether you apply on the first day, last day, or any day between May 1st and June 15th.

4. I was selected and paid for the permit, but I cannot hunt this year. Can my friend use my permit? No, alligator permits are non-transferrable. No refunds will be issued.

5. If I’m selected, can I have friends go with me to help?

S.C. DNR encourages alligator hunters to take other licensed hunters with them to assist with the hunt. Any nonresident member of an alligator hunting party 16 years of age or older participating in the Alligator Hunting Season must also pay a $200 Nonresident Alligator Hunting Fee in addition to any permit and license costs.

6. Can I use a rifle to shoot the alligator?

All alligators taken during the hunting season must be secured and brought to the bank or alongside a boat before being dispatched. Shooting free swimming or basking alligators can be dangerous and often leads to loss of the alligator before a hunter can retrieve the animal.

The tendency is for the alligator to submerge in the water after being shot, and many hunters and is a waste of the resource.


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