CRIME REPORTS - 1/6/2022



Alleged mob assault at local bar yields no arrests

Law enforcement officers were called to Sure Shots Bar on Sniders Highway in Walterboro on Dec. 24th to a call of a mob assaulting a man. When deputies arrived, they found the alleged victim sitting inside the bar, with about 15 people also standing inside. However, according to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the officers asked the victim was going on and he said “he was good.” Patrons at the bar also refused to disclose what happened. Additionally, the victim also refused medical attention offered to him and said he was fine. However, the man had an obvious head injury, the report states. There are no suspects in this case. According to the sheriff’s office incident report regarding this assault, there is “continued violence” at this location and numerous public complaints being made to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office against Sure Shots.

In other crime news:

Wife tries to stop spouse from doing drugs

A Colleton woman called 911 on Dec. 24th and reported that her husband was trying to do meth. When the woman tried to stop him, an unknown woman who the man was with then tried to hit the victim in the face with a shovel. Deputies responded to the Walterboro residence, but no arrests were made.

Speedy driver also has drugs and a gun

A motorist driving more than 120 miles per hour down the ACE Basin Parkway in rural Colleton County was taken to jail for multiple offenses, including speeding. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a deputy was patrolling the area when an SUV passed the deputy at a high rate of speed. The deputy then initiated his radar, and clocked the driver at about 120 mph, the report states. The deputy was “finally able” to stop the 59-year-old motorist, who was immediately arrested for reckless driving. During a search, deputies discovered drugs in the car, including unlawful carrying of a handgun, open container, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and driving under suspension.

Man threatens to blow up woman’s house

A 42-year-old Colleton County man is charged with the unlawful use of a telephone after he threatened to kill a woman. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the man called the female victim on Dec. 26th and threatened to kill her by blowing her house up. In an effort to stop the man’s constant phone calls, one of the woman’s friends actually answered the phone, and told the suspect that the victim was not at home. However, the suspect replied that he could see the victim and knew she was there.

Domestic violence call

A Walterboro man tried to punch his girlfriend in the face while she was holding their child. According to a Colleton County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the female victim called 911 and said the man had taken her phone so she couldn’t call for help. The man then tried to punch her in the face, while she was holding their daughter. However, the woman ducked and he missed striking her. The man then left before deputies arrived. The woman refused to press charges.