#yourColletonfirefighter presents #firefighterfriday


Get to know #yourColletonFirefighter Chris Elrod on #firefighterfriday. Firefighter-Flight Paramedic (FP-C) Elrod is assigned to the Station 7 Platoon on “C” shift, and he serves as the primary flight paramedic on “C” Shift. Here is more information about Firefighter-FP-C Elrod:

After high school, Chris entered the corporate workforce. Over the years, he found himself with jobs that had no real purpose outside of the generation of money. He decided one day that he would walk into his local fire station and inquire about volunteering. They welcomed him with open arms, and he realized that he had finally found something meaningful. He worked hard to obtain his fire and medical certifications in order to leave his high paying corporate job, for less pay and odd hours. However, he finally found what money cannot buy: happiness and self-worth. Chris was hired by Colleton County Fire-Rescue in 2008. In 2017, Colleton County Fire-Rescue welcomed a new partnership with Med-Trans Corporation. This partnership would land Colleton Air Rescue Evac (C.A.R.E) on the front porch of the lowcountry. Chris applied to the program and has been an integral part of the partnership. In 2024, he was promoted to Medical Base Manager for C.A.R.E. flight. This is a huge deal and a testament to the person and provider Chris is, because these positions are typically filled by Med-Trans Corporate employees.

When Chris is not at work, or fulfilling his extra duties at C.A.R.E. Flight, he enjoys traveling with his family. They like to take off on the boat together for a simple family cruise or to see who can catch the biggest fish. He also enjoys building things with his son.