#yourColletonfirefighter presents #firefighterfriday


Get to know #yourColletonFirefighter Brian Biering on #firefighterfriday. Firefighter Paramedic Biering is assigned to the Station 1 Platoon on “A” Shift. Here is more information on Firefighter/Paramedic Biering:

After graduating high school, Brian followed his childhood dream of entering the military, and the United States Marine Corps welcomed him with open arms. He wanted to be an aircraft hydraulic mechanic; however, he was allergic to the red dye in the hydraulic fluid and was unable to complete the required training for that position. Brian landed a new contract as a machine gunner and was assigned to the USS Curtis. At the time of his assignment, the USS Curtis, a merchant marine ship, provided security for civilian shipping companies against Somali Pirates. After completing two tours in Iraq with the USMC, Brian completed his enlistment contract. He accepted a contract to go back overseas as a civilian with a private firm. Reflecting back on his time in the military and as a contractor, Brian said, “I have been in situations where I felt like I could have done something to help someone, but I didn’t have the knowledge to do so.” When his civilian contract was up, he decided to attend EMT school. EMT school requires clinical ride time, and he was fortunate enough to land Colleton County Fire-Rescue as his clinical site. During his rotations, Brian discovered that he really enjoyed firefighting. Once he completed EMT school, he was hired at Dorchester EMS. He volunteered for Dorchester Fire and decided he wanted more medical training. He enrolled in Paramedic school, and obtained his Paramedic Certification in 2014. Brian then set his eyes toward obtaining the fire certification required to work for Colleton County Fire-Rescue. In 2016, Brian was offered a position at Colleton County Fire-Rescue and said, “I’ve never looked back!”

During his time away from work, Brian enjoys being with his family, his two children, and his girlfriend, Meagan. They spend the summers traveling, taking out the boat, and fishing. Brian also enjoys restoring antique pickup trucks.