As 2022 came to end, I was thrilled. It was a terrible year. We had the Afghanistan withdrawal, we had Covid lies, Wokeism, cancel action, censorship, crime increases, open borders, major inflation, and a distrust of our FBI. What in the hell is going on?

As we begin this new year, I want to remind people that we are Americans with a Constitution that gives us our freedom of speech and a freedom to have an opinion that we should never be afraid to use. Nobody knows where all this negative freedom robbing influence is coming from, but it is wrong and destructive to our country.

Do not let the loud voices of a very small minority of socialist liberals drown out your voice and create a fear of being and saying what you believe in. They are petty people and full of elitism they feel makes them superior to us. They are totally wrong. If they have to resort to cancel policies and censorship because they cannot debate you and I, that is a sign of their intellectual weakness and inability to justify their opinions and ideas. They are the problem not you or me.

We are being attacked by groups that have nothing but disdain and hostility to our customs and way of life. They want to destroy the very pillars our country was built on and replace it a system where an unknown entity can dictate how we live our lives, our speech and undue our sense of community common decency. Pay attention to what is being done by your government and non-elected groups. They will destroy your future and the future of your children and grandchildren. We cannot continue to ignore what is happening and relying on someone else to defend us. Stand up for your country!

Noel Ison



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