Taylor takes over jail




Longtime Detention Officer Wanda Taylor is the new Administrator of the Colleton County Detention Center, filling a leadership spot left vacant when former jail administrator Capt. Shane Roberts retired after twenty-six years of law enforcement service.

Capt. Taylor is a Colleton County native. She became a detention officer in 1994 and has since worked under multiple sheriffs in both Colleton and Dorchester counties.

“I had the opportunity to advance my career by supervising operations and administration with both agencies, including being the first female in Dorchester County’s history to achieve the rank of a Captain,” she said.

Taylor was appointed to her new role by Colleton County Sheriff Buddy Hill.

This opportunity for Taylor came about two weeks ago, when the former longtime jail administrator, Capt. Shane Roberts retired from his law enforcement career.

Taylor officially became the new jail administrator on July 1st.

The Colleton County Detention Center has 30 officers who oversee a maximum capacity of 104 inmates: Taylor supervises all employees, inmates, and the day-to-day operations of the jail. “Our team demonstrates interpersonal respect, exceptional character, and judgment to staff members and inmates,” said Taylor.

“My goal is making sure the detention center is a model of excellence facility by ensuring it’s safe and secure for staff and inmates and by providing an outstanding work environment,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s top priority is making sure citizens remain safe by ensuring inmates are secure. 

“… I want to provide continued opportunities for inmates such as self-improvement and personal development to help inmates become law-abiding citizens,” she said.

“I respect what Administrator Roberts provided as a leader. My focus and initial priorities as the new Administrator include: conducting job safety analysis, emergency action plan, accountability, standard operating procedures, training, and cleaning and maintenance.”