Standing Firm


Reading the Bible through with me? Then grab your pen and journal and read Esther 1-3. Esther and Ruth are the only books in the Bible named for women. Esther is the only book of the Bible where God is not mentioned by name though His presence and fingerprints are all over the book. In chapter one, Ahauserus (Xerxes) throws a party for his officials. It became a wild, drunken affair. Xerxes’ wife, Vashti, was known for her beauty, so Xerxes summoned her to parade her beauty before his subjects. Vashti refused his command and was dethroned as a result. Though apparently not a God-fearer, she took a strong moral stand even though it costs her. Obviously, she was a woman of courage and strength.

We can take these events metaphorically. Xerxes’ fleshly desires and actions represents a pagan or natural world view while Vashti’s decision represents a more biblical or godly world view. When the two clashed, her conviction cost Vashti her position. Of greater im-portance, the vacancy resulting from Vashti’s courageous convic-tion would soon be filled by Esther. She would be instrumental in saving the Jews from extinction.

God always knows, He always has a plan, and He weaves it in ways often unseen by or known to us. Many times, He uses the most un-likely people and circumstances to accomplish His plan.

What was true in the Book of Esther is true of your life as well. God has a plan. It begins with your embracing a biblical worldview with convictions that will stand firm against the populist cultural worldview.