Spotlight - Rashen Pinckney


This week’s spotlight is on Rashen Pinckney a fire fighter with the Walterboro Fire Department.

Pinckney was born and raised in Walterboro went to Colleton County High School and College in Columbia SC.

While in Columbia, Pinckney had a number of jobs in management but eventually found the Fire Service. He says, “I always have kind of admired the guys out there, helping the community. I always wanted to find a way to help my community and never realized that fire service would do that for me.

Pinckney adds, “I was looking for a change and wanting something new and something more fulfilling. and I came upon a file service had the guys out there and they were cleaning up the trucks and getting ready to go out, I spoke to a few of the fellows and got inspired to try. I thought it would be pretty cool for me to try something different and it’s been very fulfilling.

Pinckney has been a Firefighter for 11 months, he says, “going through the academy was pretty challenging, but also fun, because you know, you acquire a lot of new skills that you never knew you had. You also learn a lot more about fire, electricity, water pressure and how much it weighs.”

Pinckney says one of the most challenging aspects is, “You have to really be aware of your surroundings and be aware of what you’re getting into and how to how to approach each situation. Every situation is going to be different in fire service, so you wake up one day and you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get into. So, having the mental stability to continue to go with it is definitely something you want to be prepared for.

Pinckney wants to grow in the Fire Service. He Says, “I have two sons. I definitely want to be able to involve them in to giving back to the community. So as much as I can learn I’m hoping to keep continue learning and advance my career.”

The fire service has been that for me. It’s been a family here. It’s been comforting. The schedule is amazing as well. So, you have a lot of time to be able to do other things that actually keep building on a resume, but it’s just wonderful. I’d recommend all young men to aspire to do some form of service for your community, because it’s a blessing.