Sheriff’s Office seeking to fill vacancies and is hosting virtual interviews to boost interest




Locals interested in becoming a deputy, dispatcher, or detention officer should reach out to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, which holds virtual interviews every Monday.

The Sheriff’s Office has multiple open slots that need filling, including eight current road patrol deputies, seven job openings in the county’s 911-emergency dispatch center, six vacant posts in the Colleton County Detention Center, and one slot in the Sheriff’s Office IT center.

In addition to offering benefits, the Sheriff’s Office also pays for approved candidates to attend the S.C. Criminal Justice Academy, which is required in South Carolina to become certified in these positions.

“We want people in our community to be a part of our Sheriff’s Office. Locals have rapport here, which strengthens citizens’ trust and bond with law enforcement in the community,” said Shalane Lowes, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office.

When asked why there are so many job openings within the sheriff’s Office, Lowes said it is part of a nationwide trend. “There is a dire need for law enforcement officers everywhere because of the risk of what officers face and lack of law enforcement support,” she said. She says the Sheriff’s Office continues building community support by implementing various ideas, such as a community relations officer, as well as other Sheriff’s Office programs and events.”  

“Despite that, we know in Colleton there’s immense support for our officers; we know there are good people who want to have a career in law enforcement, and we are forever grateful.” 

Interested candidates should email Shalane Lowes, asking for a virtual interview to be established. She can be reached at