Protecting what we have should be a priority


Our wildlife deserves our protection. In Colleton County, we are blessed to live amid abundant natural resources. We are surrounded by national preserves and state parks. We live among flowing rivers and along the coast, where salt marshes and sand dunes and beaches are common. But with all of this natural beauty comes responsibility. It’s that time of year for us to be invested in the preservation of our resources: littering and overhunting are two issues that we can all address. As residents (and even as day tourists to our community) littering should not be tolerated. Trash kills our fish, destroys the potential for sea turtles to lay eggs and it makes recreation in our waterways almost impossible. It’s simple. Don’t litter. Don’t overhunt. Alligator hunting requires permits and proper licensing. Follow the rules and let our wildlife live abundantly. Don’t overfish. We are seeing more and more warnings from state leaders who are concerned about oyster beds not being replenished and about red snapper and flounder limits being low. Take what you can eat and leave the rest. Protecting what we have must become a habit. Our way of life in the Lowcountry is something we should defend. We can do this by being proactive with our own habits. One choice at a time and one action at a time - it all adds up. Let’s build something positive.


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