New district lines are positive for the county


Last week, we reported to you that the geographic lines for the lines in our Colleton County School District have changed. If you are looking on a map, each of the seven districts that comprise our school district were slightly changed. In some cases, these changes made a district bigger. In other cases, the district became slightly smaller. Regardless, the changes reflect where people have moved in Colleton County. The population shifts have occurred within Colleton County since 2010, and were just officially confirmed in the recent federal population census. With that said, these district changes are a positive thing. Our local and state leaders should use the population maps and data to make sure our districts actually reflect the reality of our county.

There is an election this year for three of these newly-mapped districts. This means that three of the school boards’ seats are up for grabs in the upcoming November general election. This could be a shift in power and leadership on the school board.

Now, it is up to the people of Colleton County to learn their new districts so that they can properly vote in these school board elections in November. We also implore the residents of Colleton County to do self-reflection, and determine if they should be a candidate for the school board. The new lines have opened up opportunities for more candidates to seek public office, and we encourage more people to consider doing this.

Our local and state leaders have moved swiftly to make sure the school district’s lines accurately reflect what is happening in our county. Now, it is up to us, the residents, to act accordingly by voting in the upcoming elections and by learning where we live and how we can impact positive change.


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