Murdaugh Sentenced to 27 Years


Former attorney and convicted killer Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to 27 years in prison during a hearing held Tuesday morning November 28. 

Murdaugh pleaded guilty as part of a plea agreement reached by his defense attorneys and state prosecutors to 22 counts of money laundering, breach of trust, and financial fraud. In the Beaufort County hearing heard earlier in the month Murdaugh stated, “I agree that I wrongly took all of that money, your honor, and did all of those crimes.”

On Tuesday, Judge Clifton Newman accepted the negotiated 27-year sentence. Murdaugh will be required to serve at least 85 percent of the sentence which is 22.5 years. 

The sentencing was the first time Murdaugh’s 18 victims had the opportunity to speak directly to Murdaugh who promised to help clients of his law firm then stole most of what he won for them.

Gloria Satterfield’s son spoke at the hearing and requested to face Murdaugh directly as he addressed the court. In his statement he said, “I’m sorry that you felt like you had to betray us, steal from us, and cheat us. I’m sorry that your family has to go through it. They have to go through the rest of your life because of your actions and what you did. I want you to know that I’ll forgive you. I will pray for you every day.”

At the hearing, Murdaugh gave remarks, apologizing individually to each of his victims, their families, and even his own family. He was visibly emotional and at times, unable to speak through the tears as he acknowledged his wrongdoings. 

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