Murdaugh -Fest


Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’re probably already aware that January will bring some big things to our small city. But one thing in particular... a murder trial. One of such magnitude, that it has made a footprint across the nation in a profound way. One that has put our community under the spotlight in a way that no one is proud of. Those are the facts.

This is one opinion for thought.

The city’s idea is to place food trucks in the parking lot beside the Wildlife Center. By the city putting the trucks in the parking lot of the Wildlife Center... that only decreases parking even more. If anything, they should have advertised this months ago, put out the rules and regulations for food trucks, and enticed them to be in the downtown area through the holiday season and let it bleed into the New Year. Only making this option available during this trial and not made it seem like they were just capitalizing on this trial. This option for food trucks should be available for all court sessions throughout the year and not just one.

Most citizens in and around Walterboro don’t think the city nor county have made a good plan for the upcoming trial in January. From the looks of it, it seems they have vastly underestimated the influx of people that will be coming to Walterboro on many fronts. We do not have the accommodations or ressources support a successful outcome to and for our community. The upcoming trial in January is one of immense magnitude that our small community has never seen before. In all actuality it’s something that a screen writer could make a Hollywood blockbuster out of, and probably will be on the silver screen at some point in the future.

Do people forget that this trial is temporary? By the time they get it straightened out logistically, the trial will be over. In other words, a lot of aggravation and work for a few weeks.

Not to mention the drama that is already being stirred up by something as simple as an ill written social media post by our city government. That’s right… the City of Walterboro has advertised on a social media that they will be “hosting” food trucks during the upcoming trial. This has erupted into quite the frenzy of talk around town. The post is worded in a way that makes it seem as if the city is trying to capitalize on a specific trial that will obviously make the small town in-dated with news outlets, media reporters, as well as fanatics coming to see the “show”.

While the idea of food trucks during court session is not a bad idea, the way this post was worded and timed is distasteful to say the least.

What has been the communication with the local merchants? How will our local flow of traffic be managed? How will parking be managed? Where will this influx of people be accommodated with food, restroom facilities and such? Crowd control? Law enforcement, media liaisons and etcetera?

Our local government fails us repeatedly in my opinion. Especially when it counts.

This trial will be as big of a spectacle as ever in Colleton County and we are not prepared.

That’s just my two cents for what it’s worth…. with just a little common sense added in.


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