Letter to the editor: America Is Destroying Itself From The Inside


Much is being said and written today about the left leaning social media outlets from Twitter to Facebook. Liberal control of media began as far back as CNN coverage of the Vietnam War when they brought the war into our living room along with their daily death reports. War protesters were glamorized and promoted almost daily and draft dodgers were accepted on our college campuses. Since then it has grown exponentially and they now influence politics and public opinion by their combined voices from television to social media and newspapers.

College and university campuses became the center of socialism and anti-American speakers and professors in the 60’s. Their influence on young impressionable minds cannot be over estimated. Attacks on religious beliefs also found a home on our campuses. The people who demanded gay rights and civil rights now stand against anyone who does not agree with them. They believe they have all of the answers to our problems and outside opinions are ridiculed and ignored. Freedom of speech is given limits by their standards. People actually fear they may be Canceled by some unseen power.

Now, we have our government dictating to our social media outlets and these ideas were readily accepted by owners and management of 90% of our news outlets. When the influence of special interest groups is added to this mixture of one sided viewpoints, no debate is possible. Therein lies the main cause of the division taking place in our country. Our social values are challenged, our personal freedom is challenged, and it is changing the way we live our lives.

We have witnessed election day become election weeks. Early voting is growing. Mail in voting is the biggest threat to fair and honest elections. Vote gathering and drop boxes create an immense opportunity for election fraud. Voting weeks ahead of election day could be a serious problem if a last minute major event took place with prospective candidates.

We should all recognize and understand that our vote is not only a constitutional right, it is one of the most important rights we have. Our vote can remove undesirable people from office. Our vote can create safeguards to our freedoms. A voter needs to be informed with honest information so they can make the right voting decision. Political propaganda and half truths serve to destroy our trust in government and our elections.

America is being led down the road to destruction by the influence of politicized news media driving us toward a dangerous future. Our military has been neglected in terms of new weapons and equipment and being subject to woke policies. Racism is inferred but drastically over rated. A recent study of the Air Force determined that racism is negligible. Meanwhile, while we are debating political points, our enemies are building their armed forces larger and better equipped than ours. Our use of superior military strength has deterred Russia, China, North Korea and now even Iran from attacking us. When we allow ourselves to become a secondary military power, we will be forced into a war with one or more of our enemies.

We need to quit fighting among ourselves and realize that if we are not united in strength, we are in serious danger of being attacked. In spite of today’s troubles, and political race based nonsense, WE ARE STILL AMERICANS!

Noel Ison

March 9, 2023