Letter to the Editor #2


Dear Letter to the Editor:

I would like to thank God for giving me the strength and ability to serve as Children’s Librarian for 28 years at the Colleton County Memorial Library in Walterboro, SC. 

I appreciate Colleton County for allowing me to serve children of Colleton County and visiting children through programs, singing, reading, and service. 

I would like to think Carl Coffin and the library staff for having me a heartwarming “staff retirement” party and for the chance to serve and work together for so many years. 

I appreciate Janice Blocker and the library board for giving of their time, effort, and resources and having me a wonderful community retirement drop-in. Everything was well done, well decorated and well-organized. Thank you for your trust and support down through the years. 

I would like to thank Katrina Reeves and the friends of the library for providing food and fellowship at the community retirement drop-in and supporting the children’s department down through the years. Everything was lovely. 

Thank you all for making my years pleasant and productive by showing acts of love during my many years as Children’s Librarian and for even at my retirement through advice, cards, monetary gifts, volunteer hours, their presence, well wishes, hugs, prayers, good advice, professional services and programs,  moral support, and many more that are too numerous to name. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve. 

Your former Children’s Librarian,

Shiela Martina Keaise Consultant,

Publisher, Executive Director,

Storyteller, YouTuber (@MsLiteracy3)