If you can clear your thinking of our politics and government intrusions, consider looking at the world we live in. You need to understand we now face the threat of four hostile nations, China, Russia Iran and North Korea,. They are now forming a mutual co-operation in sharing military weapons and a desire to obtain more power.

Are you aware that China is now more powerful militarily than we are. They have a much larger Navy with more ships than we have. They have more active military units than we have. Just looking around you will see China is building contact points around the world . They have now put a unit in Cuba and claim it is a non-military operation. They have built man- made islands in the South China Sea to control shipping and build air bases. They control 15 vital ports around the world. They control the Panama Canal. They monitor the entry into the Mediterranean Sea at Tangiers. The two largest ports in Europe, Antwerp and Rotterdam, are in the hands of the Chinese.

The Chinese are very farsighted and patient. These ports are not just random acquisitions. In other words, the Chinese control points that in a global crisis, they can shut off trade and access to commercial goods, oil, and food. China has also invested in concessions of rare earth mining, oil, and other natural resources in Africa. And due to the incompetence of the Biden and the current U.S. administration, the Chinese are developing very close relations with India, and Saudi Arabia. China has purchased thousands of acres here in America. Much of it near our military bases. China has a monolithic culture and makes no apologies for its ambition to be a global imperial power.

In George Orwell’s 1984 he describes a world in which there are no nation-states. He writes about three powerful countries that control over the world. Today we see a group trying to form a transnational ruling class, consisting of elites drawn mostly from the business, political, media, and academic worlds, with the power to issue edicts on climate change, public health, diversity, human rights, and even taxes, that override the will of national majorities. The World Economic Forum followers (many of them American) meet annually in Davos. Switzerland. This started with Obama. In their plan being a United States citizen will mean nothing and your freedoms would no longer exist.

This sounds very much like what we are witnessing in our government today. The government, FBI; Justice Department; IRS; large corporations; and our media outlets are pushing a narrative that grows government and the power of the elites. We must speak up and demand changes. We need to stop voting by political party and elect a leader whose primary objective is doing what is in the best interest of the American people.

Noel Ison