Letter to the Editor



Today the price per barrel of oil is over $85.00 and it is still climbing. Do you remember why? We could be producing over 800,000 gallons of oil everyday.

U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order to stop construction on the Keystone XL oil pipeline on Jan. 20, 2021 within hours of being sworn in as President. Trump approved the pipeline his first year in office after Obama had rejected the Keystone Pipeline in 2015.

2019 kicked off with relatively low gas prices. An oversupply of oil on the world market lead to a steady decline in the price of fuel. With the national average gas price at $2.25 at the beginning of January. Today we are at $3.29 and it is going up every week. In December of 2019, the last year of Trump presidency, the price of oil was $63.00 a barrel, today it is over $84.00. Do you remember when gas was over $4.00 a gallon? You may see it again in the near future.

We have more oil available than the rest of the world combined, and our renewed increase in production would hit the market and drive prices down like it did in 2019. President Biden is too busy giving money to illegal aliens and raising campaign money to undue his executive order he signed in 2020 that blew inflation sky high. That is all it would require. If you want higher prices, re-elect Biden.


Biden's EPA department just released emission standards for Semi-Trucks starting in 8 years. They will have to go to zero emissions. What kind of idiots work in government today?

A new semi-truck costs between $230,000 and $280,000. They are meant to last 10 to 15 years. If you need to buy a new truck between now and 8 years from now, what are you supposed to do? If you buy one next year, you will only get 7 years service from your new truck. In addition EV trucks will cost even more. So, as we learned with diesel price increases, the price of everything we buy will be higher and inflation starts over again. Tesla Semi truck's battery pack alone could weigh as muchas 11,000 pounds. That weight will be included in total of 80,000 pounds that is maximum allowed. This will reduce amount of freight to be loaded on the truck resulting in higher shipping cost.

I suggest we put Environmental employees and their supporters on limited incomes no higher than the average wage of American workers. We would soon see a little common sense when they have to reduce their grocery budget to pay for their idiotic and non-sustainable guidelines. Congress needs to eliminate agencies like this that accomplish nothing and create problems. This EPA and the Education Department should be first in line to be abolished.

Noel Ison