Letter to the Editor

Biden's lawyer sent this letter to all Republicans in the House of Representatives:


Here are just two paragraphs of the letter exactly as written:

"For over a year, House Republicans have been investigating President Biden in an effort to find something — anything — to hurt the President politically. Instead, the investigation has continually turned up evidence that, in fact, the President did nothing wrong,” the letter read.

"Attacking the allegations against Biden and the first family, Siskel wrote, “This impeachment inquiry in large part has been based on allegations made by troubling sources, as recent developments have made clear. In February, the source of a bribery allegation that the Majority spent much of 2023 promoting was criminally charged for making it up. Prosecutors even said he had been in contact with Russian intelligence.”

If that was not so preposterous and hypocritical it would be funny.

They have subpoenaed trumps children. They tried to impeach him and remove him twice. They raided his house like it was an armed camp. They did the Russia Russia hoax. They have used the justice department to push fictional and unconstitutional legal charges. Every trial originated in a Democrat controlled state with Democrat prosecutors. CNN and MSNBC spend 50% of their air time making unsubstantiated remarks. They rejoice and laugh at every trial he faces.

And Biden's lawyer is upset about the impeachment hearing. He better be glad Hillary and her crew are not after him.

What a ridiculous letter to write.

Noel Ison