Leading with Integrity


Reading the Bible through with me? Then grab your pen and journal and read 1 Chronicles 13-15. We will focus on 13:1-14 and David’s plan to retrieve the Ark from Abinidab’s house in Baalah. It certainly seemed like a good thing to do. The Ark had been gone for over 20 years, stolen by the Philistines. This special piece of Tabernacle furniture represented the Presence of Yahweh among His people. David consulted his leadership team and his trusted commanders about his plan, and everyone agreed that it was the right thing to do. In fact, when the news spread kingdom-wide, the whole nation agreed. The vote was unanimous. SO, the assumption was that it must be God’s will. And it was. But God’s will must always be done God’s way in God’s time. Look carefully at 13:2-4. David had NOT consulted Yahweh. Unanimous votes mean nothing when leadership has not sought the heart, mind, and will of God. Spiritual leaders, whether pastors or parents, have a relentless responsibility to be people of prayer and His word. If they are not seeking Him and hearing Him, they certainly cannot speak for Him. David learned a hard lesson and lost a man because he had not yet obeyed a command for the king. In Deuteronomy 17:18-19, God had told Moses that when a man sits as king over Israel, he is to read the Law daily and keep a copy of it with him. Had he done that, he would have known that the Ark was to be carried by poles on the shoulders of the Kohathite Levites. The Ark itself was never to be touched by human hands for it represented the very Presence of God, the Shekinah Glory.

Do not be one who consults everyone else BEFORE consulting God. The danger is having the voice of God filtered through biases, opinions, and experiences of those who do not have complete knowledge and a masterful, loving plan for your life. Whether in your home or your church, if you are a leader, spend time in God’s word daily, pray over ever issue and decision, stand on God’s truth, and lead with integrity.