Faith Tested, Approved, and Blessed


Reading the Bible through with me? Then grab your journal and pen and read Job 1-3. As sure as God has a plan, so does the Devil. His plan is always to discredit and undermine God; and he often strikes at God by going after His children. The story of Job offers us some insight into a world that is as invisible to us as it was at the time of Job. There are things that go on in the spiritual realm that are beyond our comprehension. Here we get a brief glimpse into a regal event where angels presented themselves before the LORD. The accuser, Satan, was among them. Yahweh God challenges Satan regarding His servant, Job.

Job was the first book of the Bible ever written. So, Job might have been a contemporary of Abram. The Law had not been given. And yet, Job loved, respected, and obeyed God. God pointed him out to Satan, but Satan questioned Job’s motive. God gave Satan permission to “sift” Job through the pain of loss. God allowed it, knowing how Job would respond. The story plays out in the first two chapters and the rest of the book is about Job’s attempt to make sense of his suffering.

Suffering can certainly happen because of sin. It can also happen for purification as God prunes away those things in our lives that affect our fruitfulness. It can also be providential as it redirects our course in life or our focus. When suffering afflicts His children, God always has a greater purpose.

Job had no idea what was going on in the heavenly halls. But as the pressure mounted, he wept, mourned, and cried out to God, but in his abundant grief, he never sinned or blamed God. (Job 1:22).

The crucial purpose of this book is to remind is that no matter what is going on in our lives, we can and must trust God. For the true follower of Jesus, it is not a matter of loving God because of anything He has done. It is a matter of loving, trusting, and obeying God NO MATTER WHAT.

Did Job have questions? Did Job experience traumatic grief? Absolutely! But his faith in the sovereignty and goodness of God was great and his relationship with God was intimate. God allowed Satan to put Job through the misery of loss. He suffered the loss of children, loss of wealth, loss of health, and loss of standing. His patience might have worn thin, but His faith never wavered. As a result, God rewarded him. (42:10-17)