DEAR ROCKI: Freshening Up that Sofa and Living Space


Is your living or family room looking tired? Does it just not feel welcoming? Freshen it up with texture and color!

Take a step back to see what you don’t like about your space. Remove items in the room, keeping only the large furniture pieces in place. Once you have done that, you will see what your furniture is saying about you and your personality.

Here’s the first step-pay close attention to accents and textiles like rugs, throw blankets, and pillows. They are the finishing touches that really make a room feel finished. If you’re redecorating, don’t count them out.

Pillows and throws are some of the best ways to make your sofa and accent chairs look and feel more inviting. These pieces not only provide warmth and coziness, they also add pops of color and dimension to your sofa and accent chairs.

Now, step back-you’re putting the finishing touches on the room. Does something just feel a little incomplete? Not making sense? If so, what is it?

As small as it may seem, simply “karate chopping” your throw pillows can transform your space from “eh” to “ah!”. The pillow chopping trend started in the 1980’s and has become popular again over the past few years. Though some may say “don’t chop the pillows,” I feel that they create depth and comfort. After all, people will scrunch them up anyway!

Throws or small blankets create a welcoming feel. You can loosely fold them over the arm of the sofa or chair for a casual appearance, or lay them neatly across the back of the sofa (my Granny’s way!). To create depth, simply fold them up long ways and drape from top to bottom.

Something else I tell homeowners is to not be afraid of color because there are no specific rules with your home.

Above all, be patient and let your house tell your family’s story. With the holidays quickly approaching, don’t rush to decorate just to have it decorated. Take your time and collect pieces that mean something to you and your family and reflect who you are.


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